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An RFP/Procurement Tool For Today’s Marketer

RFP/Procurement Tool For Today’s Marketer Marketing as a function has evolved from using just email and the Internet as its channels for audience outreach. Today it is about creating an overall, positive, digital experience. Accordingly, the tools and systems they use have also evolved, becoming more comprehensive in what they offer today’s marketer. So it stands to reason that the traditional manner in which marketing technology solutions are selected are no longer effective. By working with a wide range of organizations, we have developed a more open-ended and flexible approach to technology selection, one that first allows the organization to create the right atmosphere for assembling the request, rather than managing the existing (and ofter archaic) procurement process. This shift in approach provides organizations the flexibility to make their technology ask in context of what is “needed” to support a smart strategy – rather than “what is possible” in any given strategy. This Marketers’ RFP/Procurement tool is meant to guide organizations in taking the first step of identifying the needs and creating the right atmosphere, and then building a better procurement process for the new digital experience marketing platform.

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