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Corporate intranet – deserted for more workable sites

Nadine Gordimer said “A desert is a place without expectation.”  The same could be said for intranets, in that employees have come to expect very little from these internal online landscapes.  As something that became common place less than 20 years ago, never really succeeded in a critical-mass-kind-of-way, and is already on its way out… read more >

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Oracle Sort Of Announces Oracle CX

Just slightly overshadowed by DCG’s own AR day and coming out event in New York City last Monday, Oracle announced Oracle Customer Experience (CX). (Press release; YouTube channel.) Oracle’s CX hits all the right buttons By all reports, Oracle’s presentation, with a town hall discussion and self-guided demo kiosks, hit all the right buttons. My… read more >


Microsoft Validates E2.0 And Breaks NewsGator’s Heart

Life in the SharePoint partner ecosystem is a mixed bag. On the one hand, Microsoft cleverly slips SharePoint into enterprises via MS Office-addicted knowledge workers. It spreads faster than orders for tomato juice on a trans-Atlantic flight, and by the time the CIO and the CFO wake up, the hook has been set.  According to… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Growing and growing: Welcome Tim Walters!

I’m going to start getting pretty good at this whole announcing-new-DCG-partners thing. Last week, I was overjoyed to announce that Elise Segar joined our team, and this week I am excited to let everyone know that Tim Walters, Ph.D. has joined the DCG crew. Tim comes to us from Forrester, where he was a Senior… read more >

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Our team just got better

If there is one thing we get to brag about as a young firm, it’s our recruiting! The DCG team is VERY proud to announce to the world that Elise Segar will be joining us as a Partner and our inaugural Director of Client Services. Elise joins us from iFridge where she focused on helping… read more >


If the CMO is the new CIO – We Should All Say Uh-Oh!

If you haven’t noticed there’s great buzz afoot over a recent report where analyst Laura McLellan concluded that by 2017, the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO.  This proclamation is going the technology/marketing wonk version of viral. Even Michael Lazerow used it in his New Beginnings post explaining why he was super-excited… read more >

bridge rope-bridge-across-chasm wide

Bridging the Social Divide – set to buy Buddy Media (SFDC) is methodically building its bridge to span the social-enterprise divide. And with confirmation today that it will spend $689 million on Buddy Media, it lays another timber to sit along side Jigsaw (now, Radian6 and Rypple in its social bridge. – A Social Leader? As a long time leader in meeting… read more >


Technology is only part of the answer

A couple weeks ago, the DCG team got together in Chicago to have some quality face time to review our mission, core audience, offerings, research agenda, etc. It was an extremely uplifting week together because not only did we really gel as a team, but we realized that we all agree on quite a few things that… read more >


Just not an option …

There are some things in life that while positioned as “options”, to the majority of people really aren’t; air conditioning in a car in a warm climate, wireless on a computer, apps for a smart phone, fries with a burger. Well the same can be said for certain capabilities within a web content management (WCM)… read more >



Welcome to Just Clarity, the blog of the Digital Clarity Group. At DCG, we’re ultra-focused on helping leaders navigate the digital transformation, and this blog is just one way for us to share our thoughts and further our mission. The consumer empowerment phenomenon is an amazing catalyst for innovation, and whether proactively or reactively, organizations… read more >

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