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Optimizing High-Value Customer Journeys: The Case of Banking

Given a choice, would you rather go to the dentist, or listen to what your bank has to say? In an exhaustive study of 10,000 millennials in the U.S. (defined as those born between 1981 and 2000), Viacom Media Group found that seven out of ten respondents preferred a session in the dentist’s chair. Banks… read more >

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Understanding the “Mobile Shift”: Obsession with the Mobile Channel Obscures the Shift to Ubiquitous Computing

Does the mobile shift mean that “fixed” websites are in radical decline? Or is mobile properly seen as “just another channel”? Both of these perspectives have their merits, but they both fail to fully grasp the nature of the transformation that is taking place today. The mobile shift marks an evolutionary leap to the era… read more >

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Web Ubiquity Calls for an “Experience Tier”

In this Insight paper, we explore the deeper delivery challenge in which the abundance of touch points in the era of an ever-present web calls for seamless and de-channeled engagement. After reading this paper, you should understand: How the “always on” Internet access affects engaging customers How your organization can leverage the “experience tier” to… read more >

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