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Welcome Hollis Thomases

Hollis Thomases

Since our founding, my colleagues at DCG and I have prided ourselves on providing research and thought leadership that are forward-looking, actionable, and clear. We ensure that everything we do is grounded in these principles. As president, one of my most important roles is to grow our team with talented professionals who can deliver on all three of these promises while also expanding the depth and breadth of our coverage for our customers. For today, I’ve over-delivered on my expectations. 

I am overjoyed to announce that Hollis Thomases
is joining Digital Clarity Group as a Principal Analyst. Hollis is a 16-year digital advertising and marketing veteran, and a seasoned analyst, writer and consultant. Hollis ran her own digital marketing agency for over 15 years, and also managed to write a book and over 1,000 articles in syndicated columns for publications such as, ClickZ, eMarketing, and Ziff Davis in her spare time. She has also more recently been an Editor and Research Analyst for PhoCusWright, focusing on ad targeting and digital marketing in the travel industry.

As DCG continues to emphasize the importance of service providers in the role of digital transformation, Hollis will focus her research on the landscape of agencies in the marketing and advertising realm, as well as on Advertising technologies – a category of technology she has followed closely for years. She will work with both buy-side and sell-side businesses to help them make better decisions about how to spend their dollars and resources on, in, and derive new revenues from the ad/marketing ecosystem.

I am excited to have Hollis join the DCG team, and I look forward to watching her share her forward-looking, actionable, and clear thinking with all of you.


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