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Making the Transition from WCM to CEM – and Why Resistance is Futile

Say you work for a company that makes wool clothing. For a few years, you’ve been in charge of herding the sheep: making sure that they are fed and cared for, hang out in the right pastures, and show up on time for their shaves. That’s content management.

One day, you get a new assignment. Now you’re in charge of customer satisfaction. You have to stop thinking (so much) about sheep (which are, finally, pretty much all the same) and start thinking about humans, with their quirks and differences and crazy idiosyncrasies. What do they want? Just a warm sweater, or a fashion statement? What devices do they use to research a purchase? Do they seek their friends’ advice, and where? Given all of that, how do you get them the wool (remember the sheep?) that they want, in the form they want it, when they want it? Welcome to the world of digital marketing and customer experience management.


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