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Trends 2017: Six Operational Excellence Trends That Will Dominate Customer Experience Management

In my last post, I identified a strategic focus on operational excellence that will drive business leaders responsible for business transformation and customer experience (CX) management in 2017. Business leaders want to move beyond experimentation with emerging technologies. And they definitely want to end budget-blowing overruns on large scale projects, like omnichannel, which can cost… read more >

Trends 2017: Operational Excellence Will Dominate Investments in Customer Experience Management

January is that time of the year when business and technology trends start surfacing fast and furious from think tanks, research firms, journalists, and independent consultants. This year is no exception—pundits have plenty to say about trends for hot technologies, such as the internet of things (IoT), virtual reality, cognitive computing, conversational robots, just to… read more >

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E-commerce Predictions, 2016 – 2019: Digital Buying Comes of Age

A new generation of innovators and disruptors in e-commerce technology and services is emerging to challenge incumbent players and business models. This is happening all over the world, in countries where e-commerce is relatively mature as well as in countries where it is still nascent. And thanks to technology advances such as digital payments, cloud… read more >

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CEM Trends 2016: Hitting the Restart Button

Every year, the blogosphere, social networks, web sites and e-mail threads fill up with all sorts of predictions, trends and forecasts about every technology imaginable. After working in this business for any length of time, analysts become accustomed to the annual cadence of writing about trends at the end of one year and the start… read more >

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Trends 2016: The Year of Starting Over With Customer Experience Management

Connie Moore’s important analysis sets the stage for rethinking – and restarting – customer experience management practices and initiatives in 2016. In spite of much hard work and significant investment over the past decade, many companies are struggling with their customer experience management (CEM) initiatives. Executives admit that they see gaps between their vision and… read more >

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