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Content Management: The Hub for Systems of Engagement

Much research points to the failure of first-generation customer experience management (CEM). DCG believes that there are several interrelated factors at work, including senior management that proclaim the strategic importance of CX but do not back it up with adequate budgets or resources, as well as their tendency to treat customer experience management as a… read more >

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Home sweet CEM home

Customer experience management (CEM) is quickly becoming a primary focus for companies looking to garner, gain, and keep market share. What many of these organizations are missing is the value of beginning their CEM strategy at home, with their employees. New research from Aon Hewitt suggests that employee engagement levels and employee perceptions of their… read more >

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Blindness and Insight: Ignore the CEM Imperative At Your Peril

Our latest Insight Paper, The CEM Imperative: Customer Experience in the Age of the Empowered Consumer, establishes that customer experience management is no longer an option, a nice-to-have, or a remote step in the five year strategic plan. On the contrary, the mobile and social empowerment of consumers makes CEM an inescapable, compulsory, and essential… read more >

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Ingeniux User Conference

Friday August 23, 2013, New York – Robert Rose, Partner and Senior Analyst at Digital Clarity Group, will be delivering the keynote presentation at the Ingeniux User Conference on Thursday September 26, 2013. The User Conference will bring together Ingeniux customers from around the world to share their knowledge, participate in engaging sessions, and learn about… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Liferay Portal Solutions Forum

Wednesday August 21, 2013, New York — Tim Walters, Partner and Principal Analyst at Digital Clarity Group, has been invited to speak at the Liferay Portal Solutions Forum on Tuesday September 24, 2013. This is the first Liferay Portal Forum to be held in Germany. The forum will bring like-minded professionals together to discuss Liferay’s open… read more >

Sap and Hybris post

SAP + hybris is ALSO about The CEM Imperative

Although it’s software rather than services this time, yesterday’s announced acquisition of hybris by SAP is just as much about customer experience management (CEM) as the recent fusion of Accenture and Acquity. (Which I blogged about here.) That claim doesn’t require deep analysis, since it’s the fundamental justification for the purchase (terms not disclosed) offered… read more >


Jive and Box step closer to employee systems of engagement

If you have held a job for more than a few days you know that information management, access, and exchange are the achilles heel of the knowledge-based enterprise. It’s no surprise then that enterprise social and collaboration tools have been the focus of so much investment and innovation in recent years, among both start-ups and… read more >

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Oracle Sort Of Announces Oracle CX

Just slightly overshadowed by DCG’s own AR day and coming out event in New York City last Monday, Oracle announced Oracle Customer Experience (CX). (Press release; YouTube channel.) Oracle’s CX hits all the right buttons By all reports, Oracle’s presentation, with a town hall discussion and self-guided demo kiosks, hit all the right buttons. My… read more >

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