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Sales success = knowing your audience

To be successful in sales takes a special je ne sais quoi. Whether you have that special skill or not, and whether you are transacting on technology, shilling services, or pitching products, if you don’t know, and I mean really understand, your target audience, your likelihood of success is significantly diminished. Most people understand the importance… read more >

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Trump’s executive order scrutinizing the H-1B visa program rattles the tech world

Last week President Trump signed an executive order that took aim at the US high tech sector’s workforce. The order stipulated: The launch of a government-wide, multi-agency review of H-1B. The intent of the review is to identify “fraud and abuses” in the system and to encourage business and consumer behavior to “Buy American, Hire… read more >

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“Go Live” is Just the Beginning

Digital Transformation Requires a New Approach to Technology Implementation In this paper, Jill Finger Gibson explains why it’s essential to rethink  traditional approaches when it comes to customer experience (CX) technology implementations. Organizations must learn to look beyond “go live”  to achieve sustainable digital transformation. This new mindset will also put them in a stronger position… read more >

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Will Merging Sapient and Razorfish Solve or Exacerbate Publicis’ Problems?

Around this time last year, media conglomerate Publicis Groupe released a video of CEO Maurice Levy on YouTube. Levy explained that the company was moving to a more client-centric organizational model comprised of four divisions: Publicis Communications, Publicis Media, Publicis.Sapient, and Publicis Health. As Digital Clarity Group noted in an analysis of the announcement, the idea of… read more >

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Avoid Digital Ruin with Outstanding Service Provider Selection

With the transition from buying products (we need some technology) to buying solutions (we need to improve our customer experience), implementations are more complicated, integrations more numerous, and overall business objectives more difficult to achieve. In this context, effective service provider selection has never been more imperative or more elusive. Further complicating matters, organizations typically invest… read more >


Firms and Service Partners Must Abandon the Project Mentality

In recent discussions with both IT and marketing leaders at over ten firms, they consistently noted one common barrier to improving customer experiences. As one said, “Getting the capital expenditure budget for the project is actually not that hard. But approval for on-going operational expenses is very rare.” This build-launch-and-forget mentality was never a good idea…. read more >


Step-by-step is the best approach to a successful technology selection

Like so many things in life, taking the time to plan “it” out – whatever “it” is – almost always leads to a more successful outcome. In the case of a technology and implementation partner selections, it is an absolute that the selected partner(s) will be a better fit if the decision is made in… read more >

Mapping the Service Provider Landscape

Navigating the service provider landscape for customer experience success

As customer expectations for superb and even unparalleled customer experience intensify, companies of all sizes, industries and locations are feeling the pressure to transform their businesses in ways that, even two years ago, weren’t urgent or on the radar screen. Now, as organizations are realizing the criticality of customer experience management (CEM), they are starting to… read more >

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The Five Types of Customer Experience Management Service Providers

When it comes to identifying the right service provider, today’s organizations face a bewildering array of options and a glaring lack of the transparency needed to compare those options. We estimate there are over 80,000 service providers globally; moreover, the characteristics of each firm can overlap and cover a wide breadth of services. Some providers… read more >

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Successful Technology Implementation Requires Buyer Preparation

What are the ingredients for a successful technology implementation for customer experience management? Obviously, selecting the right technology is important. And yet, with all the high-quality technology choices available, an astonishingly high number of technology implementations fall short of success. The Standish Group, a research firm that tracks the state of the software development industry, found in a survey of 50,000 IT… read more >

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