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DCG research and articles about: service provider selection

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Assessing and Selecting Digital Partners: A Framework

  Organizations typically invest a great deal of time and effort selecting the right technology but very little selecting the right partner for implementation. In our experience, this is a huge mistake. Based on the early trends emerging from our recent research on the subject, it is one of the core reasons why so many… read more >

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Avoid Digital Ruin with Outstanding Service Provider Selection

With the transition from buying products (we need some technology) to buying solutions (we need to improve our customer experience), implementations are more complicated, integrations more numerous, and overall business objectives more difficult to achieve. In this context, effective service provider selection has never been more imperative or more elusive. Further complicating matters, organizations typically invest… read more >

Customer Experience

A Voice of the Customer Approach for Choosing Really Great Service Providers for Customer Experience

Customer Experience (CX) initiatives can be extremely complex or relatively straightforward – depending on whether the focus is on 1) customer experience management (CEM) by transforming the CX and reinventing customer-facing business processes across the organization, or 2) implementing technologies such as a content management system (CMS), customer analytics, or e-commerce. But no matter what… read more >

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How to Choose Really Great Service Providers for Customer Experience

Digital Clarity Group Launches a Voice of the Customer Program for Evaluating Service Providers Customer experience management initiatives can be extremely complex or relatively straightforward – ranging from transforming the customer experience and reinventing the strategic business processes that support business initiatives to implementing technologies such as a content management system or digital asset management… read more >

Mapping the Service Provider Landscape

Navigating the service provider landscape for customer experience success

As customer expectations for superb and even unparalleled customer experience intensify, companies of all sizes, industries and locations are feeling the pressure to transform their businesses in ways that, even two years ago, weren’t urgent or on the radar screen. Now, as organizations are realizing the criticality of customer experience management (CEM), they are starting to… read more >

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Vendor Professional Services – A.K.A. Special Forces

This past month HP Enterprises spun off its professional services division to Virginia-based Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC); a move most people agree was smart and even overdue. In fact, HP’s professional services division, in large part derived from its 2008 costly acquisition of Ross Perot’s EDS consulting firm, was never a good fit at HP…. read more >

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Who really owns the partner channel?

Historically, technology vendors have had ‘reseller’ channels, the sole purpose of which being to sell as quickly as possible as many licenses as possible for the vendor. As such, the vendor has long measured success solely on the basis of revenue generated by a particular channel partner. Quite simply, the technology vendor hopes that the… read more >

Digital World

What’s with all the agency reviews?

A flurry of agency reviews has been stealing the headlines over the past few months. Volkswagen, Mondelez, and Coca Cola are among some of the companies who are undergoing reviews of their media agencies and agencies of record. Then there are others – like Best Buy – who are ditching the ‘agency of record’ concept all together…. read more >


The Peet’s – Razorfish Deal is the Future of CEM Partner Strategy

Although you might have heard about it on April 1, it’s no joke. As reported in this AdAge article, Peet’s Coffee & Tea and Razorfish have inked a deal whereby the agency’s compensation for services is entirely determined by the fate of Peet’s e-commerce profits. It’s a brave move by both companies, and it may… read more >


Finding Your Needle in the CMS Haystack: Five Keys to Selecting the Right CMS Technology and Service Partners for Your Organization

March 2014, webinar Presented by Cathy McKnight, moderated by Mary Laplante. read more >

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