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censhare Ecosphere Days 2018

Meet Cathy McKnight at censhare Ecosphere Days 2018 US, the company’s second annual customer conference in North America. Cathy will present on industry trends in content and rich media management, drawing upon DCG’s original research on B2B marketers’ requirements for content technologies and practices.

Ecosphere Days creates a collaborative environment that attracts leaders and practitioners from across industries. The focus is on new ideas and perspectives on using censhare and digital asset management (DAM) as powerful mechanisms to strengthen brand, in addition their value as enterprise tools for enhancing productivity and efficiency.

In conjunction with the main Ecosphere Days program, censhare is offering an optional day and a half master class on March 7 and 8, conducted by the company’s head of training. Attendees will have an opportunity to dive deeper into the product and get up to date on the latest product features and best practice.

Visit the registration page for more information. Contact us to arrange a time to meet with Cathy onsite.


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Eliminate Digital Asset Chaos with a Rich Media Ecosystem

In this report, Connie Moore looks at why business needs for DAM (digital asset management), as both technology and practice, are exploding within organizations of all sizes, driven by the seemingly unlimited marketing dependency on and consumer demand for rich media. In today’s digital world, it is no longer sufficient to master text. Customers, prospects,… read more >

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Rethinking DAM: Customer Experience Demands Intelligent, Integrated Content

Mobile, always-on internet access, and social platforms have empowered consumers by making information open, sharable, and ubiquitous. But if the web and other digital channels still consisted exclusively of text and small, grainy photographs — ala 1997 — it’s unimaginable that we would be talking of the imperative for every company and brand to offer compelling, engaging experiences. Rich media… read more >

A rich, engaging customer experience, circa 1999.

Customer Experience Management Pushes Marketers Beyond DAM to MAD

In order to understand the role of rich media in customer experience, just recall how the web looked in the mid-1990s. Constrained by crude content management systems, expensive storage, and above all, by dial up modems, web sites were dominated by text. Photographs were small, low resolution, and rare — in 1996, even the home page… read more >

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