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Fact: risk assessment is the #1 determinant of project success

Everyone knows that technology projects are laden with risks. But, until now, has anyone ever proven that the anticipation and mitigation of risk is the #1 activity that is most highly correlated with outcomes? Well, it’s true. Donald Rumsfeld is famous for describing risks as the “unknown unknowns”: “[T]here are known knowns; there are things we know we know…. read more >

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Brands that use in-house IT teams to implement technology have poor outcomes

In an era where brands are finally getting more pragmatic in their digital pursuits, organizations must be conscious that pragmatism should not lead to corner-cutting, especially when it comes to technology implementations. According to over 1,000 respondents to our VOCalis Voice of Customer survey, project failure rates are highest when brands turn to their in-house IT teams to implement their enterprise technologies rather than… read more >

DX Summit Chicago

DX Summit is a two-day conference which covers the strategies, technologies and thought leadership that deliver great digital experiences.

Cathy McKnight will facilitate a roundtable session: Need A New DX Platform? Players, Perspectives and the Script for Success at 9:45 am on Wednesday, November 16, 2016. In this highly interactive roundtable session, four industry professionals bring different perspectives to the process of scoping, acquiring and implementing a new DX platform. Speakers play the roles of executive champion/budget holder, project leader, consulting partner and solution team. Gain unique insight into success factors for organizing and executing your next DX acquisition, including navigating the business case, identifying stakeholders, planning for the vendor pitches and making the final decisions. The session ends with a flash forward–one year out, how did the acquisition and implementation deliver results?


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Preparation Pays: The Role Technology Buyers Play in Implementation Success

Having the right technology infrastructure is vital to an organization’s success in today’s digitally enabled world. Technology buyers embarking on a platform selection, whether it be for hardware or software, are spoiled for choice in the variety of products and solutions available from vendors across the globe. Should an organization decide to hire an external… read more >

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