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DCG research and articles about: partner selection

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Assessing and Selecting Digital Partners: A Framework

  Organizations typically invest a great deal of time and effort selecting the right technology but very little selecting the right partner for implementation. In our experience, this is a huge mistake. Based on the early trends emerging from our recent research on the subject, it is one of the core reasons why so many… read more >


Sales success = knowing your audience

To be successful in sales takes a special je ne sais quoi. Whether you have that special skill or not, and whether you are transacting on technology, shilling services, or pitching products, if you don’t know, and I mean really understand, your target audience, your likelihood of success is significantly diminished. Most people understand the importance… read more >

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Vendor Professional Services – A.K.A. Special Forces

This past month HP Enterprises spun off its professional services division to Virginia-based Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC); a move most people agree was smart and even overdue. In fact, HP’s professional services division, in large part derived from its 2008 costly acquisition of Ross Perot’s EDS consulting firm, was never a good fit at HP…. read more >

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Alibaba’s $9.34 billion day: implications for cross-border e-commerce

Guess which of the following is the biggest online shopping day of the year worldwide? Black Friday Cyber Monday Valentine’s Day Boxing Day Veterans Day/Remembrance Day If you guessed anything but 5, you would be wrong. That’s right, November 11th, known in many North American and European countries as a day to honor veterans, is… read more >


Partner Evaluations: “It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it”

For decades “It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it” or some variation of that sentence was heard over and over on American Bandstand’s Rate-a-Record segment – often in complete disregard as to whether you actually could dance to the tune in question, good beat, or not. Arbitrary and subjective, these ratings… read more >

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