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DCG research and articles about: organizational change management

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What digital leaders can learn from Melvin Conway and the LAPD

Is your company its own worst enemy when it comes to delivering great experience? Your ability to engage and delight customers and prospects may be falling short because you’re tripping over your own organizational feet. Perhaps it’s time to take strategic action on change management. At DCG, we believe so strongly in the value of… read more >

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Change Management: teaching old dogs new tricks isn’t easy

You know that expression about “teaching old dogs new tricks . . . ?” Well, it’s true. In fact, it’s worse than that—I’m having trouble teaching my two-year-old Dalmatian new tricks and he isn’t even middle aged. My dog only wants to do what he already knows how to do —and, what he already likes… read more >

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Organizational Change Management: An (Emerging) Core Competency for Customer Experience Management

  Every day, organizations launch one or more customer experience initiatives to speed their firms toward digital transformation, often without fully appreciating that the business culture will invariably morph – with or without guidance – and employees will need to work differently once new projects are completed – with or without effective training. By overlooking… read more >

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From change management to organizational readiness

Organizations undergo change all the time. Some changes are small with little long-term impact on the day-to-day functioning of the company. Others are monumental, requiring the entire organization to (re)align themselves with the new reality for the change to successfully occur. And therein lies THE most important factor in implementing change: the targeted audience’s (individual,… read more >

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IT’s role in organizational change management

IT plays a large role in organizational change management because many changes that senior executives are driving get codified in business systems, information management, collaboration tools, mobile apps, and even social tools. In fact, one school of thought (not a particularly good one) asserts that changes and decisions associated with organizational change management should be… read more >

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Use change management to build an operational excellence culture

I recently attended a superb conference (IQPC’s PEX for Oil and Gas) that focused exclusively on creating a culture that sustains operational excellence. It’s a vitally important topic. I suspect all companies would like to achieve superior operational excellence and/or push the bar higher for greater excellence. After all, that’s what delighting the customer is… read more >

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