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DCG research and articles about: mobile commerce

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E-commerce Predictions, 2016 – 2019: Digital Buying Comes of Age

A new generation of innovators and disruptors in e-commerce technology and services is emerging to challenge incumbent players and business models. This is happening all over the world, in countries where e-commerce is relatively mature as well as in countries where it is still nascent. And thanks to technology advances such as digital payments, cloud… read more >

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E-Commerce Round-Up: January 2016

E-Commerce Round-Up covers major recent events and news from the past month in the e-commerce world, and provides a brief analysis of what they mean. This month’s Round-Up covers recent Amazon developments (confirmed and rumored) and the declining fortunes of online flash sale and daily deals companies. Amazon buys a French delivery company . …. read more >

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E-Commerce Predictions, 2016 – 2019

E-commerce is evolving from being a transaction based on a product catalog to an integral part of the customer experience. In companies’ quests to provide great customer experiences across multiple channels, they are having to look at e-commerce as part of the overall customer journey, rather than as a tacked-on payment gateway. E-commerce, after all,… read more >

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