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DCG research and articles about: mid-market

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Episerver Goes Shopping

Episerver has announced acquisitions of two different software firms over the past few weeks. Both acquisitions will be added to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, thus adding digital marketing capabilities to the vendor’s existing content and commerce solutions. The two acquisitions, both in Europe, are Optivo, an email marketing software vendor based in Germany, and Peerius, an omnichannel personalization vendor based… read more >

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E-Commerce Predictions, 2016 – 2019

E-commerce is evolving from being a transaction based on a product catalog to an integral part of the customer experience. In companies’ quests to provide great customer experiences across multiple channels, they are having to look at e-commerce as part of the overall customer journey, rather than as a tacked-on payment gateway. E-commerce, after all,… read more >


Revisiting Some Assumptions About SMBs and E-commerce in the Age of Customer Experience

It’s that time of year where it seems like everyone in the known universe and beyond is either organizing conferences, preparing to exhibit or speak at them, or attending them. Accompanying the raft of conferences are announcements and press releases galore, and one in particular from the #IRCE15 event taking place in Chicago this week caught… read more >

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How Agencies Can Bridge Gaps For Mid-Market Success

Digital disruption has been particularly hard on companies in the mid-market. Competitive advantages historically based on regional/local presence, distribution, long-standing customer relationships, or even partnerships with larger enterprises are no longer sufficient. With multiple channels such as mobile and social and new processes like inbound and content marketing, it is no wonder that mid-market companies… read more >


What does “enterprise” and “midmarket” really mean for CEM?

Traditional market segmentations – by gross revenue or number of employees – are useful for sizing a market and calculating technology spend. But what does “enterprise,” “midmarket,” or “SMB” really mean for software solutions? DCG has just released two Insight Papers that address this question and attempt to pin down the enterprise and midmarket requirements… read more >

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