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Webinar: Measure Trust Instead of Transactions

10 am PT / 1 pm ET

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Consumers are increasingly skeptical that brands mean what they say. Yet trust – a firm belief in the reliability of what’s presented to them – is essential for attraction, engagement, and advocacy. Sure, creating whizzy digital experiences with the latest marketing technologies is essential. But marketing efforts are bound to fall short if conversion is all that matters. Today it’s about building trust as the heart of customer relationships and business success.

In this webinar, Robert Rose, senior contributing analyst at Digital Clarity Group, explains why and how a shift from measuring transactions to measuring trust will deliver better experiences for customers and better results for marketers. Attendees will gain insight into:

  • Context through the lens of trust
  • Failed promises of “dynamic content”
  • Unintended consequences of technology

Attend the webinar and learn how to foster a marketing culture of trust will deliver benefits to customers, to the brand, and to marketing teams.

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A Unified View of Audiences is Key to B2B Digital Advertising Success

Digital advertising can still be an effective tool for B2B marketers. There’s evidence that it works, when done right. In a recent study, 5% more B2B buyers than last year cited “digital ads” and “ads on social media” as resources that first informed them of the solution they were researching. What’s more, digital advertising for… read more >

Adobe Summit 2018

Meet with Scott Liewehr and Cathy McKnight at Adobe’s digital marketing conference, an annual gathering of customers, partners, and analysts who share their expertise in practices, technologies, and strategies.

Cathy is presenting in a session entitled Managing Cross-Channel Experiences: How Ready Are You? Cathy provides guidance on how to see changes in processes, technology, and trends as constant opportunities to evolve business, rather than individual events that need to be managed.

Celebrity keynoters include Sir Richard Branson and Leslie Jones. Digital leaders from brands including Sprint, True Value, Lenovo, National Bank of Canada, Swisscom, and Subway will share experience-based insights. Breakout sessions are organized into focused tracks, and the event offers opportunities to meet with Adobe implementation partners.

Contact us to arrange a meeting with Scott or Cathy.


Intelligent Content Conference 2018

Meet up with Cathy McKnight, DCG’s Vice President Consulting, at this year’s Intelligent Content Conference (ICC). Cathy delivers a workshop entitled “Content Strategy for the Enterprise Marketer: The Marketer’s Approach to a Technical Challenge,” and will participate in an open discussion session.

DCG senior contributing analyst Robert Rose delivers the opening keynote address.

ICC 2018 is a content strategy event specifically designed for marketing practitioners. Its educational mission is to help marketers move away from a copy/paste mentality toward a format-free, modular and single-source approach to content creation and distribution. Courses target various levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. Sessions are delivered by leading practitioners, consultants and authors.

Contact us to arrange a time to meet up with Cathy at ICC. DCG research and analysis related to topics covered at ICC include Cathy’s post on content governance as key to content strategy, and this post by Jill Finger Gibson on the role of multilingual content strategies for global ecommerce.

BloomReach Connect Amsterdam

Cathy McKnight delivers a keynote address and manages a panel on “Man + Machine” at BloomReach Connect in Amsterdam.

In her keynote presentation entitled “Intelligent Personalization in the Real World: From Theory to Implementation,” Cathy explains why combining machine learning with human intelligence is the path to leveraging smart technology to personalize the customer experience. In the panel on “Man + Machine: Striking the Right Balance for True Personalization,” Cathy explores the topic with BloomReach customers who are using technology and humans to  nurture the brand-customer relationship.

The BloomReach Connect program is organized around three tracks: technology, innovation, and digital marketing. A pre-conference day on December 5 offers networking and educational sessions for developers, customers, and partners. Visit the BloomReach Connect website for details.

Contact us to arrange a time to meet with Cathy or to share your opportunities and challenges around combining the man and the machine within your organization.

Webinar: A New Approach to Single Page Applications

10:00 am ET / 15:00 BST

Creating experiences that meet the expectations of today’s consumers requires control over content, placements, and presentation. Single Page Applications (SPAs) can provide significant value to businesses, with gains in performance and development speed.

Cathy McKnight joins speakers from BloomReach and Authentic in this webinar that explains SPAs and shows how they can overcome the constraints of traditional solutions for experience management. Cathy explains the business, marketing, and user requirements that are driving companies to SPAs. The panel discussion covers how marketers can manage experience in an SPA environment, accommodate contributors, access features that marketing teams love, and realize performance benefits and faster development.

NASSCOM Martech Confluence 2017

Digital Clarity Group is the global analyst partner for NASSCOM Martech Confluence 2017.  Martech Confluence is an annual event that provides a unique forum for marketing technologists, marketers, and digital leaders to explore the intersection of digital technology and modern marketing practices. This year’s theme is “Re-imagining CX with Intelligent Marketing Technology.” The agenda is organized around four topics: drawing the technology landscape for intelligent marketing, separating artificial reality hype from reality, filling the intelligent marketer’s tool box, and working with digital partners to create competitive advantage.

Scott Liewehr moderates a panel of senior leaders from digital agencies and integrators who share experiences helping their clients advance martech deployment and impact. This session will enable participants to understand how to accelerate intelligent marketing initiatives by leveraging partner relationships.

Visit the Martech Confluence 2017 registration page for additional information, including key takeaways for participants. Join the NASSCOM martech tweet chat on August 4, 8:00 am ET, hashtags #nasscommartech and #nasscomtweetup.

Contact us to arrange a time to meet with Scott at the event. DCG research and analysis on topics related to NASSCOM Martech include Smart Data is the Key to Building Trust with Consumers, “Go Live” is Just the Beginning, and this post entitled AI for customer experience: overhyped by ready for some roles.


Intelligent Content Conference

Cathy McKnight shares her expertise in two sessions at this year’s Intelligent Content Conference.

Cathy delivers a workshop on How Marketers Should  Select Digital Content Technology, on March 28, at 8:00 am; and a presentation on Executing a Usable Content Audit that Will Immediately Make an Impact on Your Marketing Content, on March 30 at 9:40 am.

ICC 2017 is a content strategy event specifically designed for marketing practitioners. Educational sessions range from beginner to advanced. Speakers are experts on developing and executing content strategies for marketing, including leading practitioners (from companies including Zillow, PayPal, and the Washington Post), consultants, and authors.

Check out these resources related to Cathy’s ICC presentations. In this DCG podcast, Cathy explains why marketers often fail at technology selections. In this report entitled Marketers, Heal Thyself from Bad Technology Purchases, DCG contributing analyst Robert Rose argues for rethinking the marketing technology that you buy and, just as importantly, how you buy it.

Contact us to arrange a time to meet with Cathy at ICC.

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Hubspot’s Strength as an Integrated Cloud Suite

Yesterday CMS Wire’s Dom Nicastro published an article reviewing some of the exciting new features unveiled at Hubspot’s annual conference INBOUND16, in Boston, Massachusetts. In it, Digital Clarity Group Lean Analyst and Managing Director of VOCalis talked about their strengths as an integrated suite: “So part of that model,” he said, “is the ability to… read more >

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PODCAST: Why marketers fail at technology selection

Welcome to another episode of Podcasts by Digital Clarity Group. In this segment, Cathy McKnight and Connie Moore explore some of the big challenges marketers run into with technology selection, as well as procuring, and integrating complex new marketing technology platforms. Why marketers fail at technology selection: Transcript Connie Moore (CM): Hello and thank you for… read more >

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