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Brands that use in-house IT teams to implement technology have poor outcomes

In an era where brands are finally getting more pragmatic in their digital pursuits, organizations must be conscious that pragmatism should not lead to corner-cutting, especially when it comes to technology implementations. According to over 1,000 respondents to our VOCalis Voice of Customer survey, project failure rates are highest when brands turn to their in-house IT teams to implement their enterprise technologies rather than… read more >

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Two Countries, One Customer: Navigating the Content and Commerce Divide

When I travel to countries that share a border, I love seeing how those countries may have little in common – speak different languages, eat different foods, and have different customs – and yet manage to communicate and co-operate so that people can cross back and forth easily between the two. From a traveler’s perspective,… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Allen Bonde writes about Small Data for Direct Marketing News

Thursday November 14 2013, New York – A new piece by Allen Bonde, Partner & Principal Analyst at Digital Clarity Group, has been featured in Direct Marketing News. The piece entitle, “Think Small to Turn Big Data Insights Into Everyday Value,” was published on Monday November 11. It discusses the benefits of breaking down the barriers… read more >


When Did Marketing Become IT?

The process of marketing is changing. Yes! we finally understand this now. The need to deliver on Peter Drucker’s promise of marketing as “the distinguishing, unique function of the business” is becoming self-evident. As such, the skill of marketing is one that is pervasive throughout the entire organization. As Drucker  said, “leadership is a marketing… read more >


IT’s security blanket hampers response to digital disruption

Remember fear and trembling in the face of open source software (OSS)? Circa, say, 2006 — as the OSS vendor space was exploding and early adopters were revealing measurable benefits and impacts — the prevailing attitude among enterprise IT departments was still . . . resistance. A familiar flock of anxieties about OSS solutions were… read more >

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