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Want to make your intranet great (again)? Get rid of the FUD

FUD fəd/ noun; fear, uncertainty, and doubt, usually evoked intentionally in order to put a competitor at a disadvantage. In the case of intranets, it is often an organically generated feeling articulated as “here we go again” when the internal communications start talking about the “new and improved” intranet. Intranet Principles Most of us who have worked… read more >

Goldfish in a bowl

Intranets need governance, like goldfish need water

Most companies have an intranet, or at least some form of online environment through which it shares information (HR, IT, policies), news (corporate, industry, employee), and employee contact information – even if the employee directory is just an Excel spreadsheet with a list of employee names, email addresses, and extension … no really, that is… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Resistance is futile, change is inevitable

Change management is essential in today’s workplace. With the velocity of change in today’s world, the last thing you want is to unexpectantly log onto your work computer one morning to find a whole new desktop layout, tool, application, and/or re-visioned intranet. I mean come on, you are still haven’t gotten to figuring out the… read more >

Intranet inside out full

Turning your intranet outside-in

Intranets have evolved well beyond the news and human resource repositories they once were. Today’s internal online resource – whether you call it an intranet, digital workspace, portal – need to integrate social and collaborative elements, not just push out corporate news stories and links to the latest all-employee-webinar. Social has become the way we… read more >


PODCAST: Successful Intranet Must-haves

How can you create an intranet that employees want to use? What are the essential components of an engaging intranet? How important is the ability to reach out to other colleagues through corporate intranet? Who is best placed to take ownership of the intranet today – HR, Corporate Communications, or IT? Should intranet be managed… read more >


Intranets for Employee Communications

June 21-23, 2016. San Diego, CA, USA. How To Develop A User-Centric Intranet That Will Improve Engagement, Collaboration, Information Sharing, And Achieve Results by Cathy McKnight Designing An Intranet With Your Employees In Mind – Improve Adoption, Collaboration, And Productivity by Cathy McKnight and Randy Kirsch Event website: Intranets for Employee Communications read more >


intra.NET Reloaded Boston 2016

April 21-22, 2016. Boston, MA, USA. Roundtable moderated by Cathy McKnight CMS-Connected Show – Live Audience Recording hosted by Scott Liewehr Event website: intra.NET Reloaded Boston 2016 read more >


Intranets for Corporate Communications

February 19-20, 2015. Toronto, Canada. Cathy McKnight is speaking about intranets, knowledge management and impact on the customers. Event schedule: Intranets for Corporate Communications read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Step-by-step guide to selecting a WCMS

In today’s content-driven online environment, the ability to effectively deliver engaging, accurate, relevant information in the right format at the right time via the right channel is imperative for any successful content strategy. Finding the ‘best-fit’ Web Content Management System (WCMS) to facilitate managing the content on your public, intranet and/or extranet websites is one… read more >


Gilbane Content and Digital Experience Conference 2014

December 2-4, Boston, MA, USA. Opening Keynote: Industry Analyst Panel, Scott Liewehr Enterprise Social: Living Up to Its Promise? Tim Walters Building Next-Generation WCM and Digital Experiences, Jill Finger Gibson Foundations for Best-Fit WCM Service Provider Selections, Cathy McKnight Event website: Gilbane Content and Digital Experience Conference 2014 read more >

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