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Avoid the Journey Map Trap

The business rationale for developing a journey mapping practice is straightforward and easy to understand. What organization wouldn’t want to take the guesswork out of delivering great customer experience, every time, all the time? What organization wouldn’t want to remove points of friction with customers and prospects, engaging rather than frustrating them? Perhaps less well… read more >


Are Journey Maps on Your Agenda for 2017?

If so, DCG has two webinar resources that will help you and your fellow stakeholders get started. The shift from inside-out to outside-in approaches to customer experience management (CEM) is fueling interest in journey strategies and the practice of journey mapping. Enabling the journey that the customer wants to take is the key to attracting,… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Digital Clarity for Higher Ed

Digital is no stroll through the campus When it comes to building a thriving digital practice, higher ed faces unique and compelling challenges. Colleges and universities must serve highly diverse audience segments with distinct goals. Mapping the journey for prospective students is incredibly complicated and includes one of the biggest decisions and commitments most individuals… read more >


Digital Transformation in Higher Education: Checkpoint London

DCG had a seat at the table when 14 senior leaders and managers from 11 prestigious universities in the UK met in London recently. Acquia and Manifesto Digital, contributing sponsors for our research on the state of digital transformation in higher education, set the scene by hosting a round table discussion at the Covent Garden… read more >

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journeys are the key to CEM

Do you know your customers? Do you know what they want, or can you anticipate the information they are trying to seek out? Of course, the answer to this question should be a resounding “yes” but often, organizations respond with a lackluster “I don’t know” instead. The consequences for your brand and organization? Abysmal. Digital… read more >

Scott Liewehr on CMS Connected

VIDEO: Digital Transformation in Higher Education on The CMS Connected Show

In case you missed it, last week Scott Liewehr and Tyler Pyburn discussed Digital Clarity Group’s recent report covering Digital Transformation in Higher Education on The CMS Connected Show. In it, Scott gives a general overview of the research and shares the key findings: DOWNLOAD THE REPORT Delivering an experience – rather than publishing content… read more >

Digital Leadership in HIgher Education

Addressing the Digital Leadership Gap in Higher Education

Ask anyone who works in the not-for-profit higher education sector about where his or her institution is on the digital experience curve, and you’ll likely hear a very similar tune: lagging behind other industries and struggling to adopt effective organization-wide digital practices. An underlying factor is that many institutions are stuck in a hamster wheel of content… read more >


Report reveals state of content management at universities is ‘controlled chaos’

A new study by Digital Clarity Group revealed that the content management and digital experience technology of U.S. and U.K. higher-learning institutions aren’t making the grade. To be fair, it’s not due to a lack of administrative interest but rather a series of organizational, technological and cultural obstacles that get in the way. The study… read more >


IWMW 2016: Understanding Users; Managing Change; Delivering Services

June 21-23, 2016. Liverpool, UK. Digital Governance: Tools and Practices for Managing the Content Chaos by Marianne Kay Event website: IWMW 2016 read more >


Higher ed falling behind fast in digital transformation

A study of college and university digital content management practices found schools are doing little more than publishing content, missing opportunities to deliver experiences and better engage students. Campus Technology reports the study, commissioned by five companies interested in higher ed digital business opportunities, found many schools overwhelmed by basic demands of maintaining the institution’s… read more >

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