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The five top trends in customer experience management in 2018 and beyond

  In 2018, digital disruption will continue unabated, unsettling organizations that have already started down a digital transformation path. Why? Because recasting enterprises into a truly customer-driven culture is a very complex, challenging and slow process—requiring lots of executive time and resources, a deep insight into customer journeys, and a strong focus on organizational change… read more >

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Artificial intelligence grabs center stage at AIIM’s information management leadership council

Last week I attended and chaired a panel at the AIIM Executive Leadership Council in Washington, D.C. Attendees were drawn from the AIIM board, visionaries and thought leaders working in the information management space, and senior executives from some of the leading information management vendors. The event’s purpose was to identify emerging technologies and markets… read more >

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How to Choose Really Great Service Providers for Customer Experience

Digital Clarity Group Launches a Voice of the Customer Program for Evaluating Service Providers Customer experience management initiatives can be extremely complex or relatively straightforward – ranging from transforming the customer experience and reinventing the strategic business processes that support business initiatives to implementing technologies such as a content management system or digital asset management… read more >

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CMS Vendor M&A Continues With Bloomreach’s Acquisition of Hippo

A few months ago my colleague Alan Pelz-Sharpe published a report noting the increase in acquisitions of CMS vendors, such as those of Sitecore, Episerver, and Ektron by private equity firms (with the latter two acquired by the same firm and subsequently merged) and of CrownPeak by Active Standards. The report predicted that this trend… read more >

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Product Content Is Key To Competing With Amazon

As the 2016 holiday season approaches, the usual hype and headlines about how massive Amazon is are surely causing the usual heightened anxiety amongst its competitors. In a post a few months ago looking at the latest online retail stats for the U.S., I noted how retailers, especially those with physical stores that have roots in the pre-online… read more >

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Why Bots Should Matter To Customer Experience Professionals

Bots may already be old news for you if you are an investor or tech professional in Silicon Valley, where from what I hear they have already been a hot topic for at least the last year. The numbers bear this out: according to CB Insights, artificial intelligence start-ups (of which bots are a portion) raised… read more >

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Latest Stats Show Mixed Picture For Retail E-Commerce in U.S.

The latest quarterly statistics on the retail sector, including retail e-commerce, were released from the U.S. Department of Commerce earlier this week. Once you are able to digest the dense government language and poorly-formatted charts and tables, you can see that the overall picture is positive, with growth pointing in all the right directions. Yet the data also… read more >

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Walmart’s Acquisition: Defensive and Questionable

Walmart announced earlier this week that it had agreed to acquire e-commerce start-up for $3.3 billion, making headlines as the largest e-commerce acquisition to date. In this light, Unilever’s recent splash of $1 billion for Dollar Shave Club now seems almost quaint by comparison. While Walmart can certainly afford such a purchase, it smacks of… read more >

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Consumers Want Omnichannel, But Have Privacy Concerns

How well are retailers delivering omnichannel experiences? How do consumers feel about their current online and in-store shopping experiences?  A new study, recently published by Periscope by McKinsey, set out to answer these questions. The study, based on a survey of about 1600 respondents in the U.S. and the U.K., during July 2016, showed that consumers want better… read more >

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Content And Commerce Fuels Unilever’s Buy of Dollar Shave Club

Can a start-up that sells razor blades online be worth $1 billion? Unilever believes so. Last week, the consumer products goods (CPG) behemoth Unilever purchased company Dollar Shave Club (DSC) for that amount. What it got in return is a prototype for great content and commerce integration. While at first glance this may seem another example of an established… read more >

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