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Scott Liewehr quoted as expert in WEM

Scott Liewehr, President and Principal Analyst at Digital Clarity Group, was cited as an expert in the latest OpenText press release for Web Experience Management. He says: The new version of OpenText WEM is clearly not the Vignette of long ago. OpenText’s offering now includes some of the most advanced DAM functionality as well as… read more >

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The house the CMS team built

Finding the right web content management system (WCMS) is akin to building a house; without the proper thought, time, and consideration dedicated to the process at the outset, you will likely end up with something that you will find difficult to live in/with. It all starts with a perceived need Most of us don’t just… read more >

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Selecting Today’s Web CMS: 5 Key Practices for Successfully Selecting Your Next Platform

Authors: Robert Rose, Scott Liewehr Web CMS business drivers have changed from simply managing web content to managing sophisticated digital experiences and supporting a buyer’s journey across multiple channels. Today, the content you serve must be contextually relevant — it should be personalized by leveraging a visitor’s location, device, behavior, social graph and supporting information… read more >

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Analyzing the 2013 Forrester Wave on WCM

With a copy of the new Forrester Wave™ on Web Content Management in hand this morning, I captured my reactions to the results, and to the changes since the last Wave™ in 2011. There were a few upward shifts (Adobe, Sitecore, Oracle), more downward movements (SDL, HP, OpenText, Ektron), as well as Acquia making its… read more >

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Marianne Kay Reviews Concrete 5 on CMSwire

Digital Clarity Group’s analyst Marianne Kay, reviewed Concrete5 CMS on CMSwire. The major strength of Concrete5 is its ease of use. In-context editing is well implemented and wins hearts of the most technically inexperienced web contributors. Intuitive editorial interface helps with user buy-in which is a fundamental challenge for many CMS projects. Read this article… read more >

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What’s in a Name?

That which we call a rose By any other name Would smell as sweet… Not the case when speaking about Service Providers/Digital Agencies/Systems Integrators. These firms are committed to their selected nomenclature (often for good reason), and will correct anyone who calls them otherwise. With so many different services offered, there is a lack of… read more >

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Is a WCM game-changer brewing In Basel? (On the appification of applications)

Basel-based Magnolia CMS has many of the trappings of the typical small software vendor. Foosball table? Check. Team dinners at a long communal table? Check. Smart, hard-working co-founders who complete each other’s sentences and still radiate enthusiasm over a decade after the company’s launch? Jawohl! Design magazines in the WC But then, the Foosball table… read more >

Video: How to select a web content management system

We advise on quite a few technology selection projects at DCG, and web content management systems are the most common type. In the CMS-Connected video below, I lay out our 8-step process, and I highlight some of the key ingredients to a successful outcome. Here are a few of them: Identifying focal needs, or the… read more >

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Scott Liewehr discusses the top content management news of 2012

Scott Liewehr, President & Principal Analyst at Digital Clarity Group, was approached by Fierce Content Management to give his expert opinion on the top content management news story of the year. “I’d say 2012, to me, was the year where the idea of managing the customer experience came on full-force. Reintroduced to content folks in… read more >

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In 2013, I wish…

I recently participated in a great idea that the good folks over at CMS Wire are running with: they’ve reached out to dozens of folks in the content management industry and have asked them to provide a few sentences about what they wish for the industry in 2013. They are posting one wish per day throughout the… read more >

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