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DCG research and articles about: Amazon Go

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Does Amazon Go + GDPR = Amazon No-Go?

Yesterday, my colleague and commerce guru Jill Finger Gibson did a great job explaining Amazon Go, the retail behemoth’s experiment with what might be called “1-Step” grocery shopping: Walk into the store, grab what you want, and walk out. Amazon’s surveillance technologies (cameras, microphones, device identifiers, facial recognition, etc.) will (supposedly) take care of accurately… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Amazon Go: Implications For Retail and CPG Companies

Last week, Amazon announced the opening of its new grocery store in its Seattle hometown. Called Amazon Go, it looks (at least in pictures) a lot like a pleasant urban grocery store, with shelves of everyday items like bread and fruit as well as pre-made meals. So what makes this “concept store” different? True to its experimentation… read more >

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