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A discussion on the merger of Ektron and EPiServer under the new Accel-KKR ownership

In this discussion Marianne Kay and Mary Laplante talk about the merger of the two CMS vendors, Ektron and EPiServer, under the new Accel-KKR ownership. read more >


Ektron + EPiServer Merger – Implications for Customers

EPiServer and Ektron, two content management system (CMS) vendors acquired by Accel-KKR in December 2014, have merged today to form a single company. The combined company “will operate under the EPiServer name and continue to use the Ektron and EPiServer brands”. For Ektron and EPiServer customers this spells a period of uncertainty. Until the two… read more >

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Customer Experience Leadership Trends, 2015-2018

Digital Disruption Forces Change, 2015 And Beyond. In 2014 many of the significant business technology trends were gradual and predictable — like the continued growth of cloud, analytics and big data, and the consumerization of IT. Other trends, such as the internet of things, seized everyone’s imagination (if not their wallets) while previous darlings from… read more >


What to do when your CMS vendor is acquired?

February 4, 2015. Online webinar with Marianne Kay and Mary Laplante. read more >


A discussion on Accel-KKR investment in Ektron and EPiServer

In this discussion Marianne Kay and Mary Laplante talk about Accel-KKR investment in Ektron and EPiServer, and what it means for Ektron and EPiServer customers. read more >

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DCG Podcasts: Ektron and EPiServer acquisition by Accel-KKR

In December 2014 Ektron and EPiServer were acquired by a private equity firm Accel-KKR. In this podcast Connie Moore and Scott Liewehr discuss what this acquisition means for Ektron and EPiServer customers.

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Analysis of the Ektron announcement

It was an exciting weekend for the folks at Ektron, having received a second round of growth equity funding from their primary backer, private equity firm Accel-KKR. Unfortunately, they learned a hard lesson about public relations in the process. While their announcement said they received a “significant” investment, their inspired base of ex-employees illegally leaked documents… read more >

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