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DCG research and articles about: 10 core competencies

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Organizational Change Management: An (Emerging) Core Competency for Customer Experience Management

  Every day, organizations launch one or more customer experience initiatives to speed their firms toward digital transformation, often without fully appreciating that the business culture will invariably morph – with or without guidance – and employees will need to work differently once new projects are completed – with or without effective training. By overlooking… read more >

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The Need for Integrated Customer Experience Management

For nearly a decade, brands, vendors, and service providers alike have sworn allegiance to the goal of improving customer experiences in order to attract and retain increasingly empowered and fickle consumers. And yet, major international surveys recently found that consumers are less satisfied with the experiences they are offered. Despite all of the effort and… read more >


Customer Experience Skills and Capabilities: Ten Core Competencies for Success

“Who owns the customer?” is a question that commonly arises in discussions about customer experience management at conferences and in online forums. Some say marketing, others say customer service, still others name other departments and functions that traditionally have the most regular direct personal contact with customers. While any organizational initiative needs to have some degree of executive sponsorship and governance; this… read more >

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What’s with all the agency reviews?

A flurry of agency reviews has been stealing the headlines over the past few months. Volkswagen, Mondelez, and Coca Cola are among some of the companies who are undergoing reviews of their media agencies and agencies of record. Then there are others – like Best Buy – who are ditching the ‘agency of record’ concept all together…. read more >

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