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Simple Sells. Creating and Selecting the Best Tools for the Modern Marketer

Simple Sells: Creating and Selecting the Best Tools for the Modern Marketer

Reaching and engaging today’s consumer is both an art and a science. The same is true if you are a software or services firm looking to reach and engage with the modern marketer. With more channels to manage, more content to create, and more connections and stakeholders to satisfy, being a digital marketer has become an exercise in extreme multi-tasking. And if you’ve graduated to chief marketing officer (CMO) or head of marketing, your role may also incorporate being the chief storyteller, brand architect – and even data analyst! With all this complexity, there’s a movement under way to simplify not only our marketing messages, but also how we create campaigns, consume data, and manage our everyday tasks. This philosophy underpins a new blueprint for how forward-looking organizations should be creating (and selecting) their marketing and sales tools, as well.


Key highlights

  • Learn why content is king, but omni-channel is the rule
  • Learn how to make it easy to get insights, and deliver the right content
  • Learn why it’s important to focus on broad adoption – value for all!
  • Learn why it’s important to embrace data-driven marketing and inbound principles

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