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Retail Marketing: Get Started on Creating Great Customer Experiences with Journey Strategies

In this report, Connie Moore offers insights into customer journey strategies and journey mapping practices that enable retail marketers to better engage and delight customers. By understanding and organizing around the shopper’s journey, retailers make direct connections between their brand and individual customers. Customer journeys put the customer’s lens on the brand’s products, stores, e-commerce operations, and back-office processes, from the very beginning through the entire cycle of interactions. Journey maps help marketers to focus on critical moments of truth – the point(s) at which a customer decides to engage, continue engaging, or stop engaging. Finding and understanding the moments of truth throughout the journey provides crucial intelligence for crafting great customer experiences.

The report includes a mini case study on Rack Room Shoes, a major retailer of high quality shoes at an affordable price. The business catalyst was an effort focused on increasing customer lifetime value. The digital transformation initiative to support this objective combined journey strategies with CRM analytics; omnichannel engagement via email, social media, texting, and; and artificial intelligence. Rack Room’s journey mapping practices enabled the marketing and CRM teams to develop insight-based ways to communicate with customers regarding discounts and rewards – and to avoid techniques that did not enhance lifetime value.

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