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Vendor Briefings

Digital Clarity Group welcomes technology vendors and service providers to brief our analysts whenever they introduce a new product or service, make a substantive change to existing solutions or have major changes in business strategy.

To ensure we match the right analyst to your briefing, we’ve designed our briefing process to be centralized through this page. The email address for the briefing request is listed below, and we ask for the following information:

  • The name of your business and the last time you briefed us (if ever)
  • Your website url
  • Your location / timezone
  • Tell us about your business / product
  • Your preferred briefing venue (e.g. online, conference call, in person)
  • The reason for your request (e.g. strategy change, introducing the company, etc..)
  • Any specific analysts you would like to target
  • Your preferred timeframe

Once we have this information, we will then get back to you as soon as possible with our response. Please try to request briefings at least two to four weeks in advance, and be as clear as you can about all of the above information. It will help us get you the best audience for your briefing.

Request a briefing:
Email: [email protected]



Meet us at: