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Three Questions. Thirty Minutes. Let’s Talk.

Get answers to your burning questions in a free advisory session with a DCG consultant.

Sign up for a 30 minutes advisory session with a DCG consultant who will answer three of your burning questions about Web Content Management and Customer Experience Management.

No sales pitches – we promise!

Common questions include:

  • How can I assess my organization’s readiness for CEM, and develop a plan for filling the gaps?
  • How can I evaluate whether my current CMS platform is still fit for purpose?
  • What are the key considerations when selecting DAM?
  • What to do if my CMS vendor is acquired by another company?
  • How to write an RFP?
  • How to write a business case?
  • How to select a Web CMS?
  • How to select the right digital agency?
  • What are the best practices for selecting the right E-Commerce platform?
  • How to regain control over content production in a highly decentralised environment?
  • How to make a case for agile project delivery in a large and complex organisation?

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