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Pharma Marketing: Get Started on Creating Great Customer Experience with Journey Strategies

In this report, Connie Moore offers unique insights into customer journey strategies and journey mapping practices that can be leveraged for better customer experience in the pharma sector.

Marketing is already challenging for pharma companies. Pharma continues to spend the lion’s share of its marketing dollars to reach patients via broadcast
advertising and print. Direct-to-consumer pharma ad spending soared more than 60 percent in the last four years, hitting $5.2 billion last year.2 Marketing’s goal for these ads is to acquire and influence patients who have assumed unprecedented control of their treatment decisions – yet the ROI of such
investments remains questionable. There’s the complex landscape of patients, influencers, practitioners, and channels, plus highly regulated operating environments. Adding to the pressure: Today’s patients and physicians expect the same level of digital engagement they experience as when they bank, shop, and travel as individual consumers. Savvy marketers in life sciences must go beyond conventional campaign-based marketing, especially as patients and physicians tune out due to fatigue with endless print and broadcast. Leaders are borrowing a page from the digital playbooks in consumer industries and turning to customer journeys to bring new thinking to their marketing strategies and programs.

In her analysis, Connie explores the challenges associated with customer journey strategies and journey mapping in life sciences and in the pharma sector in particular. She describes the various customer personas within the pharma landscape, and she offers advice that will enable both CMOs and practitioners alike to get started. The report includes a mini-case study how Roche Diabetes Care is mapping its customer journeys, using a three-stage process to stay closely connected to patients and care providers.

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