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J. Boye Philadelphia 2015

When: May 5-7, 2015
Where: Philadelphia, PA, USA


Keynote: Raising the Bar on Customer Experience

Wednesday, May 6th 2015.
Time: 9.15 am – 10.00 am
By Scott Liewehr

Scott LiewehrEmpowered consumers, fueled by new technologies and ever-increasing expectations, are demanding more and more dynamic and relevant experiences from the brands they support.

The days of blind loyalty are gone, and customer are quick to choose the competition when their expectations are left unsatisfied. Regardless of B2B or B2C, businesses are appropriately turning to Customer Experience Management (CEM) as their answer to this trend. As the de facto owner of digital channels, the Marketing organization typically leads the way by deploying a suite of next generation content technologies to tailor digital experiences for prospects and customers.

However, marketers should be mindful that merely focusing on the pre-purchase and buyer journeys alone will merely heighten expectations and leave customers even less satisfied if the rest of the organization fails to improve its products, services and numerous non-marketing-led interactions in parallel. Organizations with this lopsided view of customer experience will lose customers even faster than those who do nothing at all.

In this presentation, Scott Liewehr will identify the trends in customer experience management, and he will help audience members alike understand both the benefits and potential pitfalls of today’s outlook on customer experience.

Foundations for Best-fit WCM Service Provider Selections

Tuesday, May 5th 2015.
Time: 9.00 am – 12.00 am
By Cathy McKnight

Cathy McKnightEvaluating and selecting technology and service partners is intimidating. And without proper guidance, it’s easy to take the wrong path. This workshop focuses on selection readiness. It is designed to point your organization in the right direction before you even start the journey to new solutions for web content and experience management. You will learn how to create a plan of action for getting your organization ready for a successful selection program – one that results in real business benefits as the direct result of implementing the right solutions with the right technology and service partners.

We explore the fundamentals of selection preparation, covering four key areas of readiness:

  • Identifying the stakeholder landscape
  • Managing requirements gathering
  • Building a business case
  • Developing realistic budgets

We provide a step-by-step overview of an efficient, results-driven selection program, and we show you how to build a messaging and communications plan that will help you shape internal conversations about it. With this approach, you can set expectations, educate reluctant stakeholders, and get your company thinking about change management, which is often an afterthought but shouldn’t be. The selection process is all about aligning business goals with the “best-fit” solution for your organization’s needs. And finding that fit is about way more than just matching features to requirements. Armed with the outcomes of this workshop, you will be ready to move forward with confidence.

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