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Three Hot Topics, Three Webinars

In three upcoming webinars, our analysts cover the hot topics that are shaping the digital agenda for 2018.

Jill Finger Gibson describes next-generation commerce, using direct-to-consumer commerce in the manufacturing sector. How are companies executing, and what are the key challenges?

Tim Walters delivers hope to marketers with a positive take on data-driven marketing in a GDPR world. Beyond compliance, the GDPR compels marketers to forge new and stronger interactions with consumers built on trust, active engagement and mutual benefit. As homework for the webinar, download Tim’s latest DCG report How to Survive and Thrive Under the GDPR: An Essential Guide for Marketers.

Cathy McKnight explains how unifying audiences and data about them are keys to more effective B2B digital advertising. This webinar is a great primer for marketing and IT teams who have been considering integration of their adtech, martech, and CRM systems.

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