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Empathy And Agility: The New Must-Have Architecture For Any Enterprise

When: Thursday, April 14th at 06:00 am PT / 09:00 am ET / 02:00 pm GMT

Tim WaltersJoin Tim Walters, co-founder and principal analyst at Digital Clarity Group, and Serge Huber, Chief Technology Officer at Jahia, for a lively discussion about the power of organizational empathy and agility in delivering quality customer experience.

Traditionally, marketers make promises to customers and prospects, and the rest of the organization has to scramble to keep the promises. In today’s customer-centric era, that’s no longer tenable. Customers demand a seamless and cohesive experience. The entire organization must work as one, identify with the customer and ensure that expectations match reality.

The technical architecture that delivers customer experience must protect the customer relationship as well as flex to fulfill as-yet-unknown requirements even as it provides continuous value to each customer and internal user.

In this webinar:

  • How re-imagining customer relationships can drive enterprise-wide transformation.
  • The power of Conway’s Law.
  • The importance of your organization reflecting the experience you want to offer.
  • What future-proofing your technology means in practical terms.
  • The critical elements of agile architecture.



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