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Digital Partner Selections

Like many complex business challenges, Digital Transformation often requires multiple, specialized vendor partners working in concert with one another to be successful. Naturally, such precise coordination has little tolerance for parts of the team who are ill-suited to their responsibilities. But how can you be sure the next digital agency you hire truly has the particular experience, approach, and culture needed for your next initiative?

Digital Clarity Group helps enterprise clients optimize their digital partner portfolio. In some cases, this includes assistance in identifying, evaluating, and selecting the right digital agency or integrator for a particular program or project in the marketing technology space. In other cases, clients already have a slate of partners and need help with evaluating their existing roster against current and anticipated needs.

Regardless of the desired goal, our mission is to bring unprecedented transparency to the process of evaluating partner capabilities and performance. We provide a framework for confidence in the partners selected for transformative digital initiatives by developing a rich, data-driven understanding of the integration partner ecosystem around each technology platform using real customer feedback. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us to set up a no-cost consultation today.

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