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Digital Experience Platforms: Buyer Trends, Preferences, and Strategies

Digital Experience Platforms: Buyer Trends, Preferences, and Strategies answers the strategic questions that are top-of-mind for business leaders, executives, managers, and practitioners.

Who and what is driving investment in digital experience platforms (DXPs)? What approaches are companies taking to their DXPs — going with a single vendor’s end-to-end suite, or assembling their DXPs with best-in-class components from multiple vendors? Why take one approach over the other? And just what is digital experience platform, anyway? What capabilities comprise the DX stack, and which are the most important? What technologies are emerging as the center of gravity for contemporary DXPs? What factors are most important when buyers choose DX vendors?  Any case studies and examples that can guide buyers as they navigate the DXP landscape?

In early 2018, Digital Clarity Group conducted original research aimed at understanding how organizations were deploying their digital experience platforms – the collection of technologies that they use to create, orchestrate, and manage the digital experience (DX) delivered to customers, prospects, employees, and other stakeholders. DCG surveyed and interviewed business, IT, and marketing leaders about business drivers, preferences for single- and multi-vendor approaches to DXPs, core DX technologies in order of impact on the DX strategies, and factors that influenced their choices of DX vendors.

Key findings analyzed in the Digital Experience Platforms report include:

  • Multi-vendor approaches to DXPs are preferred by 66% of survey respondents, while 31% prefer a single-vendor end-to-end suite approach. Data from the survey and six case studies explain why.
  • 71% of respondents say that C-suite and IT are the primary decision makers when it comes to DXP strategies and investments. 10% say DX technology decisions should be led by marketing.
  • DX technologies for managing customer data are ranked as most important to their organization’s customer experience strategies by 47% of respondents — more important than commerce, content management, and marketing operations/automation.
  • Partners matter to DX technology buyers. Survey respondents say that having access to a broad network of partners and a partner’s expertise in the technologies to be purchased are the top two “very important” business factors that influence buyers’ choice of DX vendors.

Download the report for the details on these and other findings emerging from DCG’s unique voice-of-the-buyer research on DXPs.

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