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First DCG VOCalis Award Recognizes Digital Agency Cognifide

Customers Tap Digital Agency for Excellence in Implementing Adobe Experience Manager

In our continued efforts to help organizations deliver world-class customer experience through partnerships with best-fit technology vendors and digital partners, we are happy to present London-based digital agency Cognifide with the 2018 VOCalis Award of Excellence in implementing Adobe Experience Manager. This is the first award that DCG has presented under the umbrella of its unique VOCalis customer satisfaction assessment program.

VOCalis is DCG’s Voice of the Customer assessment program that uses customer feedback to bring transparency to the performance of digital agencies and systems integrators when implementing technology solutions. Unlike “Leader” designations by other market researchers, the VOCalis Award is distinctive because a large cross-section of the agency’s customers must agree that the recipient performs exceptionally and consistently. To date, VOCalis has captured feedback on more than 40 agencies from senior leaders of hundreds of customers with Adobe Experience Manager projects, and Cognifide is the only digital partner that meets the rigorous criteria for the award.

“We’re delighted to present our first VOCalis award to Cognifide, thereby acknowledging the firm’s excellence in implementing a leading platform for experience management,” said DCG CEO Scott Liewehr. “The VOCalis award exemplifies DCG’s mission to improve success rates of digital projects by honoring those partners who demonstrate consistent success. The award serves not only as a symbol of DCG’s confidence in Cognifide, but also as a seal of approval from its recent customers.  As we work to help customers make informed decisions about digital partners every day, we are proud to recommend Cognifide based on their excellent body of work with Adobe Experience Manager.”

“The VOCalis Award is a huge deal for us because it comes from our customers,” said Miro Walker, Cognifide Chief Executive Officer. “We’re particularly proud that we were scored so highly for our empathy and understanding of the customer need. Successful implementation can only be achieved with a firm understanding of the business drivers and goals, and it’s good to hear that our customers think that’s what makes Cognifide stand out from the crowd. It’s also great to know that they recognize our ability to deliver our best for every customer, every time.”

DCG expects to present additional VOCalis Awards for Excellence throughout 2018.

Please send a note to [email protected] if you’re interested in learning more about how your agency or company can participate in VOCalis.


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