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Eliminate Digital Asset Chaos with a Rich Media Ecosystem

In this report, Connie Moore looks at why business needs for DAM (digital asset management), as both technology and practice, are exploding within organizations of all sizes, driven by the seemingly unlimited marketing dependency on and consumer demand for rich media.

In today’s digital world, it is no longer sufficient to master text. Customers, prospects, and employees now live, shop, and work in a 21st century version of a hieroglyphical world. Multimedia-saturated environments are interesting, compelling, engaging, and exciting. But behind the scenes, they create major enterprise challenges that are barely under control, or even totally out of control, as companies scramble to collaborate, create, manage, update, distribute, and publish a vast collection of constantly changing (and often legally restricted) media assets. How can marketing and technology executives manage this complex picture of duplicated, lost, and misplaced files stuffed in places such as standalone file folders, shared folders in the cloud, Dropbox, and Box? The answer, as Connie suggests, is to DAM it.

Connie proposes that implementating DAM as a foundational platform that’s available across the enterprise is a contemporary approach that overcomes the negative side effects of building DAM silos at the departmental level. She lays out key use cases for foundational DAM and highlights the benefits that the technology can deliver within those scenarios. Two case studies illustrate how foundational approaches to DAM are delivering value for two media-rich organizations.

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