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Customer Experience Management Masterclass

Customer Experience Management:
The What, Why, and How of Delivering World-Class Experience

A Digital Clarity Group Master Class

Customer experience management (CEM) is the business mandate for 2015, driven by unrelenting demands of digital-savvy customers, prospects, and employees, and by competitive pressures to keep up with market leaders who are setting the pace. Strategies and tactics for managing the experience you deliver in organized, methodical and measureable ways are becoming essential. Content, technologies, processes, and practices are critical. How does it all fit together? What does a CEM initiative look like? How do you get started, and how do you get from here to there? How can you leverage what you already have? Where are the gaps? If your organization has CEM initiatives underway, how do you keep them on track and moving forward?

Get the answers to your questions about CEM by attending Digital Clarity Group’s Master Class in Customer Experience Management. In this one-day workshop, you’ll be immersed in the what, why, and how of managing the experience that you deliver to key audiences.

Love the passion and energy. Very engaging!
Best takeaway: top 10 competencies for CEM.

— a CEM Masterclass participant

You’ll leave with knowledge and insight that will enable you to engage CEM stakeholders within your organization with confidence and inform your team’s CEM planning and decision-making processes.


Why Attend?

As an outcome of attending DCG’s Master Class in CEM, you will know:

  • How to speak the language of CEM to colleagues, executives, and partners.
  • How to assess your organization’s readiness for CEM, and develop a plan for filling the gaps.
  • How to identify your organization’s CEM footprint and engage key stakeholders.
  • How to make a business case for investing in experience management practices, processes, and technologies.
  • How to define your customer experience ecosystem and develop customer journey maps to define critical areas on which to focus.
  • How to prioritize your organization’s efforts to deliver benefits in the near term and over time.
  • How to get started today.



The “What” of CEM

The first session provides foundational knowledge about experience management. We cover trends and factors in the larger business environment that make experience management a business imperative. We define the business practice of CEM, and we look at organizational scope – at the functions and stakeholders who should be part of your CEM strategies and tactics.

The “Why” of CEM

In this session, we drop down from the big picture of CEM and look at CEM through the lens of your own organization. We discuss the internal context for experience management, giving you guidance on making a compelling business case tailored to your organization. We show you how to set reasonable goals and objectives, and how to communicate them effectively.

The “How” of CEM

In this session, we focus on how an organization gets started with CEM, using proven frameworks and tools, from Voice of the Customer (VOC) to customer journey mapping. We provide guidance on assessing CEM readiness, using ten core competencies that organizations need for effective CEM. We discuss the use of roadmaps (streams and activities) and gap analyses (what your organization has and what it needs) to plot your path forward.

Closing session: Recap, take-aways, and action items


Who Should Attend?

DCG’s Master Class is designed for program leads and team members who are driving or participating in an experience management initiative within their organization. Participants are stakeholders and subject matter experts from marketing, IT, operations, sales, and support functions. Our Master Class delivers value in these scenarios:

  • In anticipation of an upcoming CEM initiative. Program leads and managers benefit by gaining insight into practices, processes, and strategies that will bias their efforts for success.
  • In the early stages of a new CEM initiative. Program leads and team members benefit by understanding the how-to’s of CEM practice, learning to speak a common language for effective communication, and ensuring that CEM teams start out on the same page.
  • As new team members join an existing CEM program. Our clients find that it’s more efficient to partner with DCG for CEM education than to interrupt their ongoing CEM initiatives to do the training themselves. New team members are ready to contribute quickly and effectively.
  • When new technologies for CEM are introduced. Contemporary technologies within the CEM footprint offer more capabilities and power than legacy products and solutions. Organizations often need to think about their CEM requirements and practices in new ways in order to leverage their investment in new systems. Attending DCG’s CEM Master Class gives program leads and teams an opportunity to think outside the old solutions box and put new technology to work in exciting and innovative ways.


CEM Masterclass Instructors

Scott LiewehrScott Liewehr

Scott Liewehr is the co-founder and CEO at Digital Clarity Group. Scott is a renowned Customer Experience evangelist. He has delivered Customer Experience presentations and workshops at industry events around the world. Scott is the Lead Judge of the Content Management and eCommerce categories for the CODiE Awards, and the host of CMS-Connected, a monthly webcast program covering web content management industry. Read more >

Tim WaltersTim Walters

Tim Walters, Ph.D. is co-founder and Principal Analyst at Digital Clarity Group. An early advocate of personalized and relevant web sites, he is also an expert on intranets and the future of work. Tim’s background in research, teaching, software marketing, and strategy makes Tim a valued advisor to enterprises and technology vendors. Prior to DCG, Tim was a Senior Analyst and Advisor at Forrester Research, where he covered WCM, intranets, the next-generation Information Workplace, portal servers, and translation/globalization practices. Read more >


Master Class Delivery and Pricing

DCG delivers its Master Class in two formats: as an onsite workshop delivered at your facility, and as open-enrollment workshops for participants from different organizations. The fee for the onsite workshop is $7,995 and covers up to ten participants. We are happy to accommodate a larger group upon request. The registration fee for a ticket to an open enrollment class is $695.  Visit Events for cities and dates currently scheduled in the US and the UK.

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