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Cross-Border E-Commerce: A Maturity Roadmap and Partner Selection Guide

Cross-Border E-Commerce: A Maturity Roadmap and Partner Selection Guide

Getting the customer experience right for crossborder e-commerce is the next challenge for retailers. How the customers engage with the retailer — if they can do it via an elegant and user-friendly web interface, conduct transactions in their own language, pay the way they want to, and get the goods they want in compliance with local laws and in the time and delivery method they prefer — is going to be crucial to retailers’ ability to meet this challenge.

Cross-border e-commerce is part of the larger next wave in customer experience management, lowering the barrier for consumers worldwide to purchase goods from countries across the globe as easily as they can at home. Retailers can get up and running quickly by using online marketplaces, giving up visibility into their customers in return for access to an existing platform and supply chain, or building their own online presence. If they choose to go the latter route, the potential rewards are massive, though not without risk. Identifying where they are in cross-border e-commerce maturity will help retailers to assess how they need to get to where they want to go and what partners they will need to get there. The larger the goal, the more important it will be for retailers to identify the right partners to fill the gaps they have in their own capabilities and alert them to potential opportunities and pitfalls ahead.

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