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Conversations about business process by an all-star team

A new book about business process management, authored collaboratively by experts around the world


Over the past six months, I’ve had an opportunity to participate in an exciting project related to business transformation, business process management (BPM), Lean, Six Sigma, and operational excellence. Roger Tregear, a Consulting Director with Leonardo Consulting in Australia, has just published Process Precepts, a collaborative book that also includes contextual contributions by sixteen authors who specialize in some aspect of business process and/or information management. The contributors were:
– Jitendra Agrawal
– Basma AlBuhairan
– Tom Davenport
– Gaby Doebeli
– Joseph Drasin
– Paul Harmon
– Prashant Hoskote
– Emiel Kelly
– Kupe Kupersmith
– Zbigniew Misiak
– Connie Moore
– Will Parker
– Brad Power
– Susanne Rauer
– Adrian Reed
– Michaelo zur Muehlen.

Connie in a collaborative moment

The genesis for the book was a collection of 52 blog posts by Roger that were published on Linked-In throughout 2016. The book comes directly from those posts, but is amplified, qualified and even challenged by the reactions of other experts who, collectively, responded to each of the posts. In other words, Roger invited us into his ideas and thinking via the posts and then captured all our diverse reactions to his advice and analysis. The result? An eclectic, collaborative, expert collection of some of the best thinking available that’s related to BPM, business process transformation, continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Here are only a few of the topics explored:
– what is a business process?
– BPM return on investment
– measuring process performance
– enabling BPM maturity
– what’s your compelling reason?
– we need more problems
– process is strategic; strategy is process
– rapid may not be continuous
– process management–why bother?
– common failures in BPM

I strongly recommend Process Precepts because of its breath, insight, expertise, and collective approach.  It’s also well designed and very readable, as well as referenceable over time. (Available on Amazon.)


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