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Consumers Give Location Marketing a Resounding Maybe

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As the use, variety, and power of mobile devices has exploded in every corner of the globe, digital marketers dream of using location marketing to reach consumers in the moment, wherever they are – whether walking through a shopping district, killing time in an airport, relaxing after dinner at a restaurant, or weaving through traffic on the way to a ballgame. Among digital marketers, there’s often a rock-solid conviction that consumers want to be interrupted and get messages or information on their phones (and sometimes pay for it!).

But do consumers really want these alerts and notifications, or do they consider them an intrusion or even a threat to their privacy? In an era when customers are absolutely in charge of their interactions with sellers and expect things to happen the way they want them to happen, maybe this rock-solid belief in location marketing isn’t such a smart idea in all situations.

In this free report, Digital Clarity Group takes a look at the data and unpacks the subject of location marketing. We’ll share the four questions markets need to answer before rushing into this tactic and provide five types of consumer segments and their attitudes towards mobile alerts and notifications.

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