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Wearables, Drones and Virtual — Are You Ready for Work?

At a recent business process management (BPM) conference one of the panelists made a startling comment about the future of work, which spurred an immediate tweet from the Digital Clarity Group analyst in attendance: Connie Moore @cmooreclarity Cognizant information officer speaker at #appian15 says the future of work isn’t mobile, #social, cloud. it’s #drone, #wearable… read more >

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The Market Within: Creating a More Responsive Social Business by Treating Employees like Customers

In this paper, Allen Bonde reviews the state of social adoption and where innovative companies are focusing their investments. He then outlines a new model for characterizing the stages, or “local markets,” within a modern social business to provide a framework for “thinking globally while acting locally” when it comes to enterprise adoption. Finally, Allen… read more >

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