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Is a WCM game-changer brewing In Basel? (On the appification of applications)

Basel-based Magnolia CMS has many of the trappings of the typical small software vendor. Foosball table? Check. Team dinners at a long communal table? Check. Smart, hard-working co-founders who complete each other’s sentences and still radiate enthusiasm over a decade after the company’s launch? Jawohl! Design magazines in the WC But then, the Foosball table… read more >


Ubiquitous computing is coming to a forehead near you

The just concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and related recent announcements illustrate the speed and inevitability of the transition to ubiquitous computing and connectivity. As we noted in our DCG Insight paper on ubiquity and the mobile shift, ubiquity means more things become not only computerized but also connected to each other, to the cloud,… read more >

Ubiquity Signage

To understand mobility, think ubiquity

The “mobile shift” is the most profound and wrenching technological transformation since the advent of the personal computer (at least). It is also one of the most widely misunderstood. Fundamentally, the mobile shift is not about smart phones and tablets. It is not about iOS versus Android, the flailing of RIM, the prayers of Microsoft,… read more >

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Oracle Sort Of Announces Oracle CX

Just slightly overshadowed by DCG’s own AR day and coming out event in New York City last Monday, Oracle announced Oracle Customer Experience (CX). (Press release; YouTube channel.) Oracle’s CX hits all the right buttons By all reports, Oracle’s presentation, with a town hall discussion and self-guided demo kiosks, hit all the right buttons. My… read more >


Microsoft Validates E2.0 And Breaks NewsGator’s Heart

Life in the SharePoint partner ecosystem is a mixed bag. On the one hand, Microsoft cleverly slips SharePoint into enterprises via MS Office-addicted knowledge workers. It spreads faster than orders for tomato juice on a trans-Atlantic flight, and by the time the CIO and the CFO wake up, the hook has been set.  According to… read more >

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