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It’s Time to Rethink “Enterprise” Software. Look for the Answer in the Business Process, not the Application

Everyone talks about “enterprise” software solutions, but what does it really mean? The established definitions are either too broad (“Software used by companies.”) or too narrow (ERP suites). Most people would agree that “enterprise” indicates that the software has certain characteristics or capabilities, such as scalability, extensibility, portability, etc. However, since there are no agreed-upon… read more >

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Rich Media Shines in the Era of Engagement: Marketers Turn to Digital Asset Management

Tools for managing rich media – commonly called digital asset management solutions, or DAMs – have existed for many years. Today, the term DAM is applied to applications that can vary widely in terms of functional sophistication, cost, and integration with other applications. A DAM solution can range from lightweight tools for image manipulation and… read more >

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Announcing DCG’s Guide to Service Providers for WCM and CEM

Here are three inconvenient truths. First, mastering customer experience management (CEM) is an imperative, because the quality of the experiences you offer and support will increasingly determine the fate of your company. Second, the CEM Imperative is not a prediction. Consumers’ expectations for rich experiences are effective today, and they are growing ever less tolerant… read more >

Sap and Hybris post

SAP + hybris is ALSO about The CEM Imperative

Although it’s software rather than services this time, yesterday’s announced acquisition of hybris by SAP is just as much about customer experience management (CEM) as the recent fusion of Accenture and Acquity. (Which I blogged about here.) That claim doesn’t require deep analysis, since it’s the fundamental justification for the purchase (terms not disclosed) offered… read more >

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The Digital Pulse of the digital disruption

The forces of digital disruption are radically altering how we access and consume information, communicate and socialize, shop and purchase. Ubiquitous connected devices, social networks, cloud services – these and other innovations have already virtually inverted the relationship between sellers and buyers, between brands and customers. This constantly and rapidly shifting terrain maps the digital… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Accenture + Acquity is about The CEM Imperative

Friday’s announced acquisition of Acquity Group by Accenture is impressive in both dollar and surprise value. But in fact, it is merely a high-profile manifestation of the changes racking the service provider (SP) landscape as they reposition to support customer experience management (CEM). For example, fellow suit-and-tie consulting firm Deloitte picked up Übermind in January… read more >


Jive and Box step closer to employee systems of engagement

If you have held a job for more than a few days you know that information management, access, and exchange are the achilles heel of the knowledge-based enterprise. It’s no surprise then that enterprise social and collaboration tools have been the focus of so much investment and innovation in recent years, among both start-ups and… read more >


The life of PII: Privacy, personalization, and the public debate

This blog post comes with a prerequisite: Please click here and read this editorial by Evgeny Morozov in the Financial Times. (“Google Revolution Isn’t Worth Our Privacy,” April 5, 2013.)  I’ll wait. . . . Back so soon? Ok, now a pop quiz. The article is: A mess A masterpiece A sad commentary on the… read more >

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Web Ubiquity Calls for an “Experience Tier”

In this Insight paper, we explore the deeper delivery challenge in which the abundance of touch points in the era of an ever-present web calls for seamless and de-channeled engagement. After reading this paper, you should understand: How the “always on” Internet access affects engaging customers How your organization can leverage the “experience tier” to… read more >


IT’s security blanket hampers response to digital disruption

Remember fear and trembling in the face of open source software (OSS)? Circa, say, 2006 — as the OSS vendor space was exploding and early adopters were revealing measurable benefits and impacts — the prevailing attitude among enterprise IT departments was still . . . resistance. A familiar flock of anxieties about OSS solutions were… read more >

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