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A Unified View of Audiences is Key to B2B Digital Advertising Success

Digital advertising can still be an effective tool for B2B marketers. There’s evidence that it works, when done right. In a recent study, 5% more B2B buyers than last year cited “digital ads” and “ads on social media” as resources that first informed them of the solution they were researching. What’s more, digital advertising for… read more >

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The Marketing Transformation: From Managing Campaigns to Orchestrating Experiences

Today’s consumers have long moved on from just accepting a glut of content noise from companies trying to attract their attention.  They respond to contextual customer experiences — the merging of digital content, interfaces, technology and even physical spaces. Have marketing practices kept pace with changing consumer desires and values? No, says Robert Rose.  The… read more >

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Marketers, Heal Thyself from Bad Technology Purchases

Is your marketing organization stuck in the past when it comes to the technology that’s essential for modern digitally-driven marketing practices? In this paper, Robert Rose argues for rethinking the marketing technology that you buy and, just as importantly, how you buy it. There’s no disputing that consumers have fundamentally evolved the way that they… read more >

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Connecting Content Marketing Experiences: Three Keys to More Connected and Aligned Technology and Marketing Agendas

It’s getting tough out there. Consumers are more widely connected than ever, across a rapidly increasing number of devices.  Various research studies indicate that, in response, marketers are giving top priority to delivering data-driven, relevant content experiences across new and existing digital channels. But for most enterprises, simply prioritizing an initiative doesn’t guarantee it will actually happen. Organizational… read more >

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The Three Graces of the Digital Experience: Redefining the Three Strategic Attributes of Designing, Managing, and Delivering Digital Experiences

Fifteen years ago, world-renowned marketing professor Philip Kotler published Kotler on Marketing. He concluded the book with a section called “Transformational Marketing,” in which he discussed how the “new age of electronic marketing” would change the field. He predicted a fundamental rethinking of the ways that marketers identify, communicate, and deliver value to customers. As Robert Rose points out in… read more >

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The consumerization of agency services

For many marketing executives in the mid-market, digital disruption is the “Justin Bieber” of business: popular enough that they have to pay attention – but annoying enough that they wish they didn’t have to. One CMO at a large publishing company told me recently, “I know we’re supposed to innovate and create this technology-driven change,… read more >

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How Agencies Can Bridge Gaps For Mid-Market Success

Digital disruption has been particularly hard on companies in the mid-market. Competitive advantages historically based on regional/local presence, distribution, long-standing customer relationships, or even partnerships with larger enterprises are no longer sufficient. With multiple channels such as mobile and social and new processes like inbound and content marketing, it is no wonder that mid-market companies… read more >


La mort de POG – No more Publicis & Omnicom

There is a wonderful quote from the French poet Anatole France that goes “J’ai toujours préféré la folie des passions à la sagesse de l’indifférence”.  Translated it is “I prefer the folly of enthusiasm to the wisdom of indifference.” In what was certainly a folly of enthusiasm, as well as apparently starting out as a joke,… read more >

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Agencies Are Losing The Content Marketing Revolution

I’m hot off of perhaps the busiest four weeks of my career – traveling to a dozen cities, across three continents and speaking at no less than half a dozen conferences. The events ranged from traditional content management meetups such as the Intelligent Content Conference in San Jose, to big agency focused events such as… read more >


Where Have All the WCM Cowboys Gone?

Happy New Year. Here we are in 2014 and Web Content Management is in a funk. Yep, I said it. The entire sector is in danger of becoming an afterthought.  Ask yourself a question: when was the last time a WCM solution provider actually made some really interesting news, or got the market talking about… read more >

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