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Layoffs: Sign of Problems or Smart Strategy?

On May 20, 2015, OpenText (OTEX) laid off 5% of its staff, closed some facilities, and did a management shake-up. Based on its global workforce of 8,500, the layoffs will impact 425 positions. (see OpenText CEO Resumes Full Involvement in Day-to-Day Operations). Then, on June 1st, CBC News announced “that OpenText would have to replace… read more >


Content Management Systems: You Definitely Don’t Want to be in This 40%

This year I’ve interviewed more than forty companies about their customer experience management (CEM) strategies and how content management systems (CMS) fit into the CEM technology mix. A truism has surfaced that remains constant no matter how many organizations I interview—roughly 35-40% of the CMS selection projects fail. That is an astounding number and it… read more >


Analytics: your challenge, should you choose to accept it

A couple of months ago I took on a new challenge. It all started when I was invited to write an article for the folks who just launched, which focuses on real time technologies. When we went over the list of topics, my ears perked up at their mention of “analytics.”  Interesting. After all,… read more >

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Appian’s BPM Software Vision – Crazy Like A Fox

This week I’m attending Appian World in Washington DC. It’s always been an interesting conference for showcasing thought leadership in BPM technology and providing thought-provoking customer presentations. For example, Appian is probably the first BPM software vendor to demonstrate an integration with the Apple Watch. At the 2015 event there’s been a strong focus on… read more >

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The Big Data Continuum: From Data Scientists to Empowered Business People

The amount of words that have been uttered and written about big data over the past four years is astounding. If big data hasn’t become a big topic in your organization, it will. And it’s probably sparked many conversations, even if the technology hasn’t arrived yet at your firm. At this point you may be… read more >

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Five Crucial Lessons Learned in Content Management System Selections

One of the most important actions an organization can take when tackling a new initiative is to learn how to avoid the gotchas — know the pitfalls, the lessons others have learned, and the best practices derived from the experiences of those who have done it successfully (and not so successfully). Learning from others is particularly important when selecting… read more >

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Who Drives Customer Experience: The CIO, The CMO, or Fill-In-The-Blank?

How many times have you heard or read about the demise of the CIO?  The way some experts describe it, these poor, unlucky professionals are slowly going extinct, what with cloud and systems integrators and who knows what else taking over their jobs.  According to the demise storytellers, the CIO is quickly becoming a mid-management… read more >

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Customer Experience Leadership Trends, 2015-2018

Digital Disruption Forces Change, 2015 And Beyond. In 2014 many of the significant business technology trends were gradual and predictable — like the continued growth of cloud, analytics and big data, and the consumerization of IT. Other trends, such as the internet of things, seized everyone’s imagination (if not their wallets) while previous darlings from… read more >

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Great Customer Experience: You know it when you see it

Not too long ago, my son and I went for a drive. Boom! We were suddenly rear-ended by a runaway Mini that plowed into my SUV. Dumb move for the Mini, but no one was hurt and there was minimal damage. Dealing with the other guy’s insurer after a crash? Don’t get your hopes up… read more >


Why I joined Digital Clarity Group: When digital and personal disruption collide

After a two-year hiatus from the world of work I’m back at it again, having just joined Digital Clarity Group as senior vice president, research. (Here’s the bio.) You may be wondering, why now? And why DCG?  Good questions. Why now? The “why now” is easy. I left the workforce in January 2013 because of a… read more >

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