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Missing chicks – reward offered.

As industry analysts we attend conferences, a LOT of conferences, in order to stay connected with what is going on in the industry and the people involved in driving it forward. Sometimes we are speakers (keynote and otherwise), moderators, or panelists; occasionally all three. Other times we are there as attendees, either by invitation, or… read more >

Dirty yoga dude

Flexibility really is what it is cracked up to be

Can’t touch your toes? Afraid stretching is going to hurt? You’ll never know til you try. And even if you can’t reach below your knees today, with some effort and perseverance you’ll be doing gorilla in no time. Same can be said for evolving a company’s intranet; it’s not easy, and it takes time, it… read more >

ibmconnect2013 small

IBM Connect 2013

This year’s conference brought together IBM’s long-standing, 20th annual Lotusphere and its new Connect conferences into one, very large, event. The agenda boasted as many as 15 concurrent sessions within eight tracks and five session types in two venues that layered Lotusphere’s traditionally technical content with Connect’s customer experience stories of how IBM’s solutions drive… read more >

2013 predictions

Peering into 2013

With every New Year come the dreams and predictions of what the next 365 days will bring. The DCG team has pulled together a few of our own predictions (and wishes) for 2013 … The web content management (WCM) nomenclature fog will (finally) begin to lift, as bigger vendors further embrace some variation of CEM… read more >

Marketing Automation pie

Eloqua acquisition a step in right direction . . . for Oracle

Oracle buying Eloqua for $871 million is a BIG deal. A big deal that is good for those who own Eloqua stock (as my colleague Robert Rose said, “Merry Christmas Eloqua employees”), but maybe not something to toast if you are an Eloqua customer. Time will tell that tale. All-in-one solution With this announcement, Oracle… read more >


Does BYOD = loss of freedom?

The BYOD – bring your own device – discussion seems to be on everyone’s radar as something to “tackle” at his or her organization. Whether from an employee engagement perspective of interacting with employees on “non-corporate” devices, to IT’s concerns about security and IP protection, it is a top of mind topic for companies around… read more >

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Hitting the mark

Most people understand the importance of knowing your audience. Whether it is a big pitch to the executive, a presentation to your own team, or a sales demonstration for a prospective customer or client, you need to know who is in the room so that you can speak to their interests. Misjudge your audience and… read more >


Corporate intranet – deserted for more workable sites

Nadine Gordimer said “A desert is a place without expectation.”  The same could be said for intranets, in that employees have come to expect very little from these internal online landscapes.  As something that became common place less than 20 years ago, never really succeeded in a critical-mass-kind-of-way, and is already on its way out… read more >

bridge rope-bridge-across-chasm wide

Bridging the Social Divide – set to buy Buddy Media (SFDC) is methodically building its bridge to span the social-enterprise divide. And with confirmation today that it will spend $689 million on Buddy Media, it lays another timber to sit along side Jigsaw (now, Radian6 and Rypple in its social bridge. – A Social Leader? As a long time leader in meeting… read more >


Just not an option …

There are some things in life that while positioned as “options”, to the majority of people really aren’t; air conditioning in a car in a warm climate, wireless on a computer, apps for a smart phone, fries with a burger. Well the same can be said for certain capabilities within a web content management (WCM)… read more >

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