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Ten Core Competencies for Customer Experience Management

Are you Ready for Customer Experience Management? 10 Core Competencies.In the last few years, customer experience management (CEM) has evolved from being a topic mostly used among marketers to occupying center stage in strategy discussions among C-suite executives.  As customer experience initiatives move from strategy to execution, they require the participation of a range of practitioners. These practitioners include individuals in IT, administration, and finance, in addition to front-line employees in sales and customer care.

With the launch of these initiatives, organizations are finding that many of their internal structures and roles are not necessarily suited for what they want to accomplish. However, there has been scant research-based information as to what skills and disciplines they do need to execute a CEM strategy. The analysis in this paper aims to fill that gap.

Introducing Digital Clarity Group’s Ten Core Competencies for Customer Experience Management

DCG has conducted over two years of primary research involving hundreds of interviews with end-users, service providers, software vendors, and other CEM-focused practitioners  Our analysts have gathered exhaustive input aimed at determining exactly what types of knowledge, skills, and capabilities organizations need to execute customer experience strategies and programs. The resulting analysis is the Ten Core Competencies for Customer Experience Management.

In introducing these competencies, Digital Clarity Group seeks to give organizations a starting point for assessing the capabilities they have and what they need to develop or to seek in partnerships, as they embrace customer experience management.

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