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143 Days to GDPR Compliance: Marketing Calamity or Catalyst?

May 25, compliance date for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is looming large for companies that capture, manage, or use the personal data of any individual residing in a country in the European Union. If your company is impacted, are your marketers fearing calamity — or are they seeing GDPR compliance as a catalyst for embracing trust-based marketing?

We talk to marketers all the time in the course of conducting research, running technology and digital partner selections, and participating in industry conferences and events. When we ask about their GDPR readiness, we hear about marketing teams that fall into three general states:

  • Confident that they’ll be ready.
  • Concerned that they have missed key issues and that their efforts will fall short.
  • Crazed at the prospect of less than four months to prepare.

How do you know where you are and what needs to get done within the coming months? Sorting though the complexities of the GDPR can be overwhelming. Applying a marketing lens to GDPR requirements can help you assess your progress, stay your planned course or adjust your roadmap, or identify tactics to jump start delayed action.

In this DCG report on GDPR for marketers, Tim Walters turns the spotlight on the four provisions of the GDPR that matter most to marketers:

  • Consent
  • Legitimate interest
  • Dealing with existing data
  • Data portability

Tim also covers the highlights in an upcoming webinar, The GDPR Evolution: How Savvy Marketers Will Survive and Thrive. His analysis of GDPR essentials for marketers can help you sanity check your execution, correct course if necessary, or prioritize your list of action items as the days tick down.

Please see DCG’s GDPR resource page for reports, blog posts, videos, and podcasts that describe issues, challenges, and opportunities. If you’re unsure about how the GDPR impacts your organization’s marketing, data, CRM, and translation practices, contact us and we’ll connect you with experts who can help.




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