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Recommended reading for the Gilbane Boston-bound: content and commerce, AI, DAM, and customer journeys

It might seem like we’re playing SEO bingo with the title of this post. If you are making the annual trek to Boston for the Gilbane Digital Content Conference (November 28 to 30), you’ll recognize these practices and technologies as themes across the program. They are also topics that DCG team will be covering in our Gilbane Boston conference workshop and panels (see the summary on our events calendar).

If you’re coming to the conference, this brief round-up of relevant research and analysis can help you make the most of the experience. If you’re not attending this year, these reports and posts might be worth a skim in any case. Conference topics will be top-of-mind for global companies in 2018 as they turn their attention to operationalizing their strategies for digital business and customer experience management.

Digital Asset Management (DAM): In our guides to DAM workflow and DAM metadata practices, Cathy McKnight provides advice that can help new adopters bias their DAM implementations for success.

CMS architectures and the headless option: Our report entitled Headless CMS Breathes Life into “Content Anywhere” surveys the solution landscape that Cathy explores in her Gilbane session on headless, de-coupled, and hybrid approaches.

Commerce and content: Jill Finger Gibson offers advice to buyers in her report on Bridging the Content and Commerce Divide. She addresses integration challenges in this post entitled Content and Commerce Integration: Welcome to the Machine, and she advises that companies aiming to drive ecommerce growth can’t overlook the role of multilingual content. Read Jill’s recent post related to her Gilbane session on commerce, content, and conversion.

two people brainstormingCustomer journeys and content management: Should fit together like a hand in a well-fitting glove, right? Many organizations are investing in developing journey maps – but they haven’t connected their maps to their content in ways that enable those journeys to be really effective and satisfying for customers, yet manageable and efficient for marketers and content managers. Cathy’s Gilbane workshop examines this gap and shows you how to close it. See our report on customer journey strategies — here’s a version for marketers in pharma and life sciences — and a DCG brief on journeys in retail banking.

Artificial intelligence for digital experience applications: There’s much promise, mystery, and confusion about AI as a business technology. Jill hosts a Gilbane session that sorts through a landscape encompassing artificial reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cognitive computing; in another panel, we explore new frontiers of AI and language. This post summarizes today’s reality for AI for customer experience. Our report on smart data is about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and unified data layers as tools and technologies for addressing trust issues that come hand-in-hand with data-based marketing.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet at Gilbane Boston, or elsewhere. We are always up for a beverage and a conversation about your 2018 goals, content and customer experience strategies and programs, and selections of new technologies and partners. Contact us to make a connection, or with other burning questions about your digital business initiatives for next year.


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