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Growing and growing: Welcome Tim Walters!

I’m going to start getting pretty good at this whole announcing-new-DCG-partners thing. Last week, I was overjoyed to announce that Elise Segar joined our team, and this week I am excited to let everyone know that Tim Walters, Ph.D. has joined the DCG crew.

Tim comes to us from Forrester, where he was a Senior Analyst. He led their research on intranets / employee portals and “next-generation information workplaces” (as Forrester likes to call them), as well as portal server technologies and globalization practices. Tim also has extensive experience covering the web content management space as well as SharePoint as a content and collaboration tool. Phew, that’s a long resume…and it’s not even half of it!

Tim is a Partner and Principal Analyst with DCG, and will also play a dual role as our Director of Research. Tim will cover both employee and consumer engagement practices and technologies, and he will be responsible for the overall quality of our Thought Leadership Papers (TLPs) and market research. And, since Tim is based in Bonn, Germany, he will also serve as our European contingent.

They say the secret to success is to hire people smarter than you. If that’s true, then it should all be smooth sailing from here. We have a team filled with some pretty smart cookies, and Tim is certainly no exception.

I’m thankful Tim shares our vision for change and has a strong enough passion about it to pursue this journey with us. I hope you’ll join me in welcoming him to the Digital Clarity Group.


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